How do I change my camp or class session information?

Sometimes, you may want to edit information about your camps, such as the location or number of available spots. This article will explain how to do this, depending on which dashboard you have (click here to see which you have).

Note: If you want to remove a session from view because it has been cancelled, you can select "unpublished" for the status. If a session is full, you can start a waitlist by setting the available spots to 0.


  1. Click on "Activities & Sessions" on the navigation bar and select "Sessions & Spots Manager."    Screen_Shot_2017-06-06_at_10.34.40_AM.png
  2. Hover your mouse over the session you'd like to edit, and make any changes you want.


  3. Once you're done, click "save" to finalize your changes. 








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