Create additional ActivityHero users

You can now create separate logins for each user who manages your ActivityHero listing or needs to see registrations. You can set up team members as Admins or Support. Admins can access everything in the dashboard, and Support can see only registration reports.

Adding/editing your team depends on whether you have the new or classic dashboard. See this article if you don't know which you have.

In the classic dashboard:

  1. Log into your dashboard. In the left hand menu, look for "Manage Your Team":

  2. Click the orange button to add a new user to your team

  3. Enter the information for the user. Select whether you wish the user to have a Support role, or an Admin role. Admins can edit everything about your listing; Support can only see reports, including your customer/registration data.

  4. Once the users are set up, they will appear on this Manage Your Team page:

  5. If you wish to change the first name, last name, email, or role type, just click on the field you want to edit. Make your change and save. (If you don't want to make a change, just click anywhere outside the box and it will close.)

  6. If you wish to change the password for a user, or delete a user, select the user and make your changes.

In the new dashboard:

  1. Under "Manage Listing," select "Manage Your Team."

  2. Steps 2-6 are the same as the classic dashboard.


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