Why doesn't my promo or voucher code work?

Most promo and voucher codes are created and issued by the activity provider or websites such as Groupon.

If your promo/voucher code is not working you should contact the issuer of the promo code (for example, Groupon or the camp or class provider) and let them know it's not working. The promo/voucher may have an expiration date or a minimum purchase amount and this may be the reason why it does not work for your purchase. 


You can only use one promo/voucher code per activity provider per checkout. If you have multiple voucher codes to redeem for the same activity provider or business, you can check out one session at a time.

There are some promo codes that are applicable only for the first purchase. If you try to use a "new user" or "new family" promo code and have registered on ActivityHero before, you will not be able to use that promo code.

*If you don't know how to add your promo code, see this article.


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