How do I invite someone off the waitlist?

To invite someone off the waitlist, click on the link "Invite Participant to Register" on the waitlisted participant in the Registrations Report.

You will see this modal when you click on that link. Enter an expiration date by when the user can register for that session. Once the expiration date has passed, the user will not be able to register. You will have to invite the user again with a new expiration date, in order to let them register.

Clicking on the Invite button will trigger an email to the user inviting them to register for this session before the expiration date. Once they complete the registration, they will be enrolled in the session, even if the number of available spots is zero.


The user will be able to add other services (extended care, additional fees, etc.), use any promo codes that they may have, and be eligible for any available discounts during checkout.



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