Dashboard Updates - Release October 5, 2017

Changes to send email feature

To improve deliverability of emails sent from ActivityHero, we have made a few important changes to the Send Email feature. In the past, all recipients were included as BCC, which meant that they couldn't see who else was sent the email. Parents couldn't see if their spouse was copied on the email. Also, some email clients may be more likely to categorize an email with BCC as promotional, or spam.

As of our release on the evening of October 5, ActivityHero is sending separate emails for each participant.

For example, participant Bobby Smith has three emails associated with his registration:

  • The user who registered, Jane Smith, will be in the TO: field
  • Contact 1 and Contact 2 will be in the CC: field


When you use the Send Email feature, instead of the list of emails in BCC, you will see which participants are included and can uncheck any participants who you want to exclude.


If you want to copy all the emails to use another program to send the email, check the Download ALL CSV link and you'll see all the emails related to the participant. The CSV file can also be imported into MailChimp, Constant Contact or another email sender.

More tips:
1. The Reply To email address is editable. You can have replies go to an instructor's email or location-specific email. Just look for the Reply To field on the Send Email screen. 

2. When you Email all contacts (using the checkbox at the top of the Send Email screen), the contact list works slightly differently because not everyone on the contact list has been a participant. Some may have been waitlisted or set your activity as a favorite on ActivityHero. The contact list will display the contact name (not the participant name) and emails are only sent to the users. No one is included in the CC field when sending to All Contacts.

Contact us at or 800-437-6125 if you have any questions about the email feature.



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