How do I email parents?

You can use ActivityHero's email tool to reach all of your parents. You can email specific sessions, specific dates, or even people waiting to hear from you.

To send email from ActivityHero:
1. Sign into your ActivityHero account
2. Select "Communication" then choose "Send Email Blast"

3. Select correct location, session, and information for email list and then click  send an email to this group of participants.
4. Complete Subject and Message
5. In the Session Participants section, you'll see who the email will be sent to. The email will be sent to all the email addresses associated with the participant's registration (up to 3 emails). You can unselect any participants to remove them from the email list. If you prefer to use another email service to send emails, you can choose "Download All CSV" and import the CSV file into another service.
6. Click to send email.


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