How do I email parents or participants?

You can use ActivityHero's Send Email tool to reach users who registered for a specific session or everyone who has subscribed to your emails through ActivityHero. 

To send email from ActivityHero:
1. Sign into your ActivityHero account
2. Select "Communication" then choose "Send Email"

You will be able to send Session Updates or Marketing Emails. 

It is important to know that Session Updates will be sent to all contacts listed in the registration, including the subscribed user, contact1 and contact2 (if available). Session updates should be used to send an important update about camp or class location, reminders on what to bring, or other information related to the participants of a session. 

Do not select "session update" if you are sending a promotional email to users who have not yet registered. Instead, send out a Marketing Email when you want to announce that new classes or camps are available. A marketing email will only be sent to subscribed users, and it is possible for your customers to unsubscribe to your marketing emails. 

Session Updates

These emails should be sent to provide information to participants registered for specific sessions -- this includes reminders of what to bring, etc.

1. Create New Email: When creating a new session update email, choose 'Select Recipients' from the dropdown menu in order to begin filtering for the right sessions:


2. Select Filters: You will be presented with the Select Users screen in order to filter for sessions. Sessions can be filtered by date, activity, location, and meeting date. Using the search bar will filter for students by name. Be sure to choose 'Apply Filters' after completing each filter:


3. Select Participants: Once your filters have been set, you may select participants with the 'Select All' link, or select the check boxes to choose participants individually. Emails will be sent to all of the email addresses associated with each participant's registration. The bottom of the participant list will also include all of your current team members. You may choose which team members also get a copy of the email.

Choose 'Select' to close the window when you are done picking recipients.

4. Draft Email: Once your recipients have been selected, you will be able to draft your message. Emails can include HTML elements, including color, links, and photos -- which can be pasted, or linked from another source. 

You can also insert merge fields for the following information:




Attachments can be added by selecting the paper clip icon. 

5. Sending Emails: Once your email is complete, you can choose to send a draft to your team members only, or select 'Send Email' to send to all of the previously selected recipients, including any selected team members.

6. Save Template: You may also select the 'Save as New Template' box to create a template from this email. See information on creating templates below.

Marketing Emails

These emails should be sent to provide general marketing information -- such as notice of newly added sessions, upcoming sales, private promo codes, etc -- to all users currently subscribed to your ActivityHero mailing list. Users on this list are past customers, people who have opted in to your updates from your main business page, and anyone that has previously requested information about your activities.

Marketing Emails are created and sent in the same manner as Session Updates. When selecting recipients, you will now be presented with the option to send to 'All Subscribed Users':



If you will be sending the same or similar emails often, you can save time by creating email templates.

To manage your templates, go to the Message History screen. 

1. Saved Templates: Templates are stored the same as previously sent session update and marketing emails. Access current templates from the left sidebar. From this page, templates can be edited, deleted, and created.


2. Create a template: In the left menu select 'Saved Templates' -> 'Add New Template'. You will be able to give the template a name and create your email, the same as on other screens. Select 'Save' when you are finished.


Template from a Previous Email

Templates may also be created from any previously sent email. From the Message History screen, click on a previously sent session update or marketing email to open it. *Note: Copies of emails sent prior to February 14th, 2020 will be found in the Marketing Emails list. Emails sent after this date will appear in the folder corresponding to the type of email that was sent.

Scroll to the end of the email and select the 'Save as Template' box: 


A box will appear in order for you to give the template a name. Enter a unique name and select 'Save':


Note: If you are creating a Template from an email that was sent prior to February 14, 2020, you should see if there's a footer message such as the one below. If you see a footer, delete it and select 'Update' to save your edits. 


Message History

On the message history screen, you can see what emails you have sent through ActivityHero. To see the recipients of the email, click to open the email and you can see the recipients by clicking the To: line.





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