How do I close a camp that is full or can't accept more registrations?

On ActivityHero it is easy to close the registration option for specific schedules. The schedule will still display on ActivityHero, but the option to register it will switch to an opportunity to join the waitlist. 
To close registration for a session:
1. Sign into your ActivityHero account and go to the Dashboard
2. Go to the Activities & Sessions > Sessions & Spot Manager screen
3. Find the session you would like to change
4. Click on the number under ‘spots available’

5. You should now see the edit box and can enter 0 for the number of spots available. Click Save to confirm your change. 

Tip: With the spots set to zero parents will get the option to be added to the wait list, so you don’t miss any opportunities to reach out to them about other camps or open more sessions. 
Tip: To mark more than one session as full, click the check box on the left side of the sessions that you want to edit. Then click the Edit button at the top and you can edit multiple sessions at once.

Cancel or unpublish a session

If you would like to remove the session from ActivityHero search (or your widget) you can set it to unpublished status. This is typically done if the session is cancelled entirely. You should also set the number of spots to 0 to ensure that no one with a link is able to register.



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