How do I process a refund?

When you need to process a full or partial refund, ActivityHero makes it easy to issue a refund back to the purchaser's credit card as long as you have a pending balance on your account. 

To process a refund:

1. Sign into your ActivityHero account
2. Select "Registration Reports"

3. Search for the name of the child to be refunded

4. Under the child’s name and information click

5. Click "Refunds and Cancellations"

6. Click

7. Confirm the amount to be refunded or customize the amount, select the method of refund (credit card or check), and add any additional information.*

8. Then select   The purchaser will be sent an email to confirm the refund has been made. 
9. To change this participant's enrollment status to "cancelled," click  will immediately remove the registration and open an available spot. 

Tip: You may want to invoice any waitlisted participants before clicking , so they have the first opportunity to fill the open spot.
*You are able to refund to the purchaser's credit card within 270 days (9 months) of the purchase. Any refunds 270 days or later must be issued by you in the form of a check. 



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