How do I add discounts to my camp/class?

Your camp may already be offering discounts to families with multiple children, Early Bird pricing, or for a special promotion for a school. You can easily make those discounts available to all parents in ActivityHero.

To add a discount:

1. Sign into your ActivityHero account
2. Click on your name in the top right and select
3. Select in the left side
4. Click 
5. Click on the space below "Discount Type” to select from the list of options
6. Click on the space below “Activity Type” to select from the list of options
7. Enter the discount amount and whether it is dollars or percentage 
8. Add a description that will show up on your ActivityHero page
9. Add a expiration date (this is required!)
10. Click
11. On the list of activities check and uncheck boxes that the Discount applies. 
12. Click the blue button to save
Note: The discounts type "Early Registration", “Sibling", and "Multiple Sessions" will automatically be applied when the specific requirements are met. The discount type "Promo Code" is not displayed on your ActivityHero page. 
Note: Minimum number for siblings discounts should be 2 or greater. If the minimum number of siblings is set to 1 the discount will apply to all registrations. Also, siblings are now eligible for discounts even if they don't register for the exact same session. As long as both sessions occur before the sibling discount registration deadline, and all the other requirements are met, the sibling discount can apply. So if brother #1 wants to take lessons on Tuesday, and brother #2 wants to take lessons on Saturday, the sibling discount will apply. 
Read more information about the types of discounts on ActivityHero.


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