What is Business Info?

Your business info may be your first impression for a parent, or the place they go to to find out a bit more about you. Carefully filling out each field can be the difference between getting a registration or getting skipped over. Find out a bit more about each section below:


Business Name- This is the name the parents see on Activity Hero.
Tip: It doesn’t need to be your official business name, so you can try changing it to make it more attractive to parents. 
Overall description - This is your time to explain about your business and what makes you special. You may want to add the history of your program, or your philosophy on happy children. 
Tip: no need to add schedules or discounts here. There are other section for that. 
Short Description (100 characters max)- This will be displayed first under your name on the business page. It may also be used if you make it into the newsletter.
Tip: Make this interesting and grabbing. It is one of the most important and visible descriptions of your business.
Email- This is the address that will receive emails from ActivityHero. When a parent clicks “Contact Business” on your business page their email with be sent directly to the address in this field. 
Phone- This is the phone number that will be displayed for parents on your business page.
Website- The URL in this field will be used when a parent clicks on “Official Website” on your business page.
Facebook URL- Add your Facebook URL to allow parents to like your business. Likes made on ActivityHero will show on Facebook.
Registration URL (if different from the website URL)- You can link your URL to ActivityHero, so parents interested in registering will be directed there by clicking on ActivityHero’s orange “register” button.
Tip: If you would like more information on accepting registrations from ActivityHero Email or call 415-504-2267
Where should ActivityHero send your payments? - Enter the best address to send a payment. This doesn't have to be the site of the activity, or the business. We will use the information in this field when processing payments.
Tax ID (Enter your business EIN, not SSN. This will be displayed to help parents at tax time)- Your activities can be considered child care and can be written off for taxes. Taking this into consideration ActivityHero give you an easy way to email parents when tax season comes around. Add your Business EIN number here to send it to all parents for their taxes. 


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