What are the differences between ActivityHero discounts?

There are two types of discounts on ActivityHero. Automatic discounts that are applied when certain requirements are met, and manual discounts that the business refunds back to the parent.

The Manual discounts in ActivityHero are Free Trial, Referral, and Other. When these discounts are created they will display on the activities chosen to notify parents. You determine if the participant qualifies for the discount, and then refund the participant for the amount of the discount.

The Automatic discounts on ActivityHero are Early Registration, Sibling, Multiple Session, and Promo Code.

Discount Application

Discounts can be applied to full or partial registrations.

Entire Amount: This will apply the marked discount to all aspects of the registration fees, including the session price, additional fees, and extended care.

Session Price Only: This will apply the discount to the listed price of the session only, not including any additional fees.

Extended Care Only: This will apply the discount to the listed cost of extended care only, also not including any additional fees.


Early Registration Discount

This discount will automatically apply to each registration before the expiration date (midnight Pacific Time)

Select Sessions

After creating the discount, you will be able to select the sessions that are eligible for the discount. You can use the search filters at the top to easily choose specific locations, activities, dates and other criteria to select sessions. 

To apply the discount to all sessions, check the box at the top of the column, right below the words "Apply Discount."



Sibling Discount

This discount will check the parent’s ActivityHero account. If the parent is registering multiple family members from the same account, and if the sessions follow the eligibility rule, they will be eligible for the sibling discount.

For sibling discounts, you'll need to make some selections.

  • Minimum Number of siblings (Min. no. of siblings ):
    If the minimum number of siblings is 2 or more, the parent needs to register at least 2 family members to redeem the discount.

  • Apply to:
    Here you get to choose whether to exclude the initial sibling or apply to all siblings.

    Choose "Exclude the initial sibling" only if sibling registered after the first child should have the discount applied. For example: "Sibling discount $20 off each additional family member that registers"

    Choose “Apply to all siblings" if all family members should have the discount applied. For example: "If you sign up the whole family, each member receives $20 discount."

  • Eligibility rule:
    You can decide whether the siblings need to register for the same session, same day, same week, etc. 

  • Expiration date:
    Here, set the date for when you'd like the discount to expire. An expiration date is required.

  • Description:
    Tell the purchaser what qualifies the for the discount. This will be visible to the purchaser in the listing



Multiple Session Discount

This discount will check the child’s registered sessions for your business, and check for the schedules that the discount is applied to. If the child registers for the minimum number of sessions, and the discount expiration date has not passed, the discount will be applied. This even applies to past schedules.


For multiple session discounts, you'll need to make some selections.


  • Minimum number of sessions (Min Sessions):
    This is how many sessions the child must be registered to apply the discount.

  • Apply to:
    You can choose to exclude the initial session or apply to all sessions. 

    Choose "Exclude the initial session" only if sessions registered after the first should have the discount applied. For example, "Multi-session discount- $20 off each additional session."

    Choose "Apply to all sessions" if all sessions should have the discount applied. For example, "Sign up for all camps, and receive a $20 discount for each."

    Tip: If you only want the Multiple Session discount to apply to specific activities or a season try creating a different discount for each case.

  • Expiration date:
    Choose an expiration date -- this is a required field. You can choose a date that works with your programming season. For example, if you want the discount to apply only during the spring semester, set the discount expiration date for early June. If you want the discount to align with the calendar year, and to apply to all sessions that occur between January-December, set the expiration date for December 31.



Promo codes are not shown to purchasers in the ActivityHero listing. You can use it for private discounts, such as returning families or auction prizes, or to track purchases from flyers or other off-line advertising. If you do want to give a Promo Code to a large number of parents, you can set a maximum number of promo code uses.

When creating a Promo Code, you can decide if it is applied only once to the whole order at checkout or to every session in the customer's cart. 

To allow only new users to use the Promo Code, check the box "Apply this discount only for new user."

A parent will always have the option to add a promo code during checkout, but only valid codes will be applied. Here's what the parent's experience will look like:

For steps to apply discounts follow this link.


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