What are the tools for my site?

ActivityHero makes it easy to add powerful tools to your own website. You can accept and display your reviews on your page, and also use the ActivityHero registration system with the tools provided.

If you run your own website just copy and paste the links to embed the Reviews and Registration Widgets. Pass the provided links to your webmaster to make their job easy, and make your site look great.


Add your schedules or online registration to your website
Enter your schedules on ActivityHero, and they will instantly appear on your website when you add the following code to your web page. You can also show availability and enable online registration.

To create a new widget:

1. Sign into your dashboard
2. Go to "Tools for your site"
3. Click "Create Widget"
4. Select Location, Widget type, and name Widget
5. Click "Create widget"

You can customize how the registration appears on your site. Just add a few items from the list bellow. Add the parameters to the Widget iframe URL, separated by ‘&’ For example to show all camps and all classes:
Ex. src=""

To edit the Widget:

1. Sign into your dashboard
2. Go to "Tools for your site"
3. Click "edit" next to the Widget you are editing
4. Add parameters to Widget iframe URL
5. Click "Update Widget"


If you would like more information on accepting registrations using a ActivityHero call 800-437-6125


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