What is the online registration widget?

ActivityHero makes it easy to add schedules and registration links to your website. 

After you enter your schedules on ActivityHero, they will instantly appear on your website when you add the widget code to your web page. It will show session availability and enable users to register online.

To create a new widget:

1. Sign into your dashboard
2. Go to "Tools for your site"
3. Click "Create Widget"
4. Select Location, Widget type, and name Widget
5. Click "Create widget"



You can customize how the registration appears on your site. Just add a few items from the list bellow. Add the parameters to the Widget iframe URL, separated by ‘&’.

For example to show On-Demand activities only:
Ex. src=""


To edit the Widget:

1. Sign into your dashboard
2. Go to "Tools for your site"
3. Click "edit" next to the Widget you are editing
4. Add parameters to Widget iframe URL
5. Click "Update Widget"

Widget Types

There are three types of widgets available for use on your website. The one you use will vary based on how you would like to take registration.

1. Embed full widget directly on your page: This code states "Place this code wherever you want the widget to appear on your page". When you use this code, your widget will appear at full size and will include all sessions. Your web page will adjust to the size of the available sessions.

2. Embed full widget in an iframe on your page: This code states "If you just want to embed the widget in an iframe, use this code". Use this code if you are placing your widget inside a web page and do not want to adjust the overall size of the page. Instead your widget will appear within another box on the page, which will allow scrolling to see all available sessions.

3. Link to the widget via a button or other element on your web page: This code states "If you just want to link to the widget, use this code instead". The page that becomes available will now include your business branding. Parents will be able to log in or sign up to complete their registration. 

If you would like more information on accepting registrations using ActivityHero call 800-437-6125 or email


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