What Actions can I do on the Registration Report

On the All Registration Report, you'll find the Actions button lets you make changes to the registration, such as:

Edit: Use the Edit function to edit the registration information, such as Child's name, parent's contact information, or to add on extras like extended care.

Change Session: This moves the child from one session to another session. There may be a price difference, and you'll see that when the session change is recorded. Then you can refund or invoice the parent as appropriate for any price difference.

Refunds & Cancellations: To issue or record a refund, select "Refunds & Cancellations" from the Actions button. If the original payment was Credit Card and it is less than 270 days (9 months) from the payment date, we can issue a refund back to their original form of payment. All refunds by credit card will be deducted from your next payment.

Otherwise, you can issue refunds by check and record that in ActivityHero for record-keeping. The parent will receive an email confirmation with the refund amount, payment method and any notes you enter.

To cancel the registration, which removes the child from the session and adds an additional available spot back to the session, click the Cancel Registration button on the Refunds & Cancellations screen

Invoices: You can send an invoice a family to collect full payment, additional payment for things like extended care, or to invite them off the waitlist. Go to the Actions button and select "Invoice." When the parent pays the invoice, their child will be marked as Enrolled (if the status was previously Pending or Waitlisted) and take a spot from the session. You and the parent will receive a confirmation email.

Enter Payment: When you receive payment directly from the family instead of through ActivityHero, you can use Enter Payment to record the payment you received. This marks the child as Enrolled (if the status was previously Pending or Waitlisted). The parent will receive a confirmation email.

Send Confirmation Email: This will re-send a confirmation email to the parent.


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