Enter a check or cash payment

If the registration has been paid by check, cash or other payment method that is not through ActivityHero, you can enter the amount paid into ActivityHero for record-keeping.
1. Go to your Registration Reports and find the participant you wish to enter payment for.
2. Click the Action menu and choose Enter Payment. 
3. Enter the amount paid, or received by you. 
By default, ActivityHero will automatically send a confirmation email listing the amount paid and reserve a spot for the participant by deducting one from your available spots. If you don't want to send an automated email or deduct a spot, uncheck this option. You should uncheck this box if the participant's status is already "enrolled," such as when you are recording payment for extended care or an add-on fee.
4. The amount you entered will now appear in the Registration Report with the note that the amount was received by you. 
Tip: If you didn't receive any payment, but want to change the enrollment status from "pending" to "enrolled," you can enter $0 as the amount paid. 


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