How do I know which registrations are part of my payment?

From Your WePay Dashboard

In your WePay account on the ‘Reporting’ tab, you will have access to a list of your Payments, Settlements and Chargebacks. You can download a report for each settlement that will show which registration payments were included. Downloads will be processed and then sent to you via email.

The Settlement Download file includes the payment date, amount and purchaser information in a CSV file. You will be able to view more registration details such as registrant name, session and location information in the field labeled "long description":

Alex Smith | Camp: Thanksgiving Break STEM | SanFran Science Complex, San Francisco, CA | Nov 19 - Nov 21, 2018, Ages 5 - 8, M, Tu, W, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM | Registered on


From your ActivityHero Dashboard

You may also use ActivityHero's Payment Summary Report for the participant's name, session and location information. Go to your Dashboard and choose Registrations & Payments > Payment Reports.


For registrations received on or after August 16, 2018, this report shows a summary of each day's transaction amount. This is the date that funds entered WePay, but the actual date that you received the funds will depend on whether you have set up WePay to pay you daily, weekly or monthly. 

If you have have daily withdrawals from WePay, the payment date in ActivityHero is usually one day before the funds are sent out of WePay. 

If you have weekly withdrawals from WePay, you can set the Payment Date filters on ActivityHero's Payment Summary Report to a one week period (Monday - Sunday) and the total amount shown in ActivityHero's report should match with what you were paid by WePay. For example, to see what was in your 9/3/2018 WePay payment, enter the following dates.

If you have monthly withdrawals from WePay, you would set the Payment Date filters to September 1 - 30 to see the total you received from WePay on October 1. 


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