How do I know which registrations are part of my payment?


When you receive bank deposits (or checks, if you chose that option) from WePay, you may want to know which registrations are part of the payment. To see the details, you should login to your WePay account.

View details from the WePay Dashboard

In your WePay account on the ‘Reporting’ tab, you will have access to a list of your Payments, Settlements and Chargebacks.

  • Payments are from your customers (or to the customer in the case of a refund)
  • Settlements are WePay's payments to you (sometimes referred to as "withdrawals")
  • Chargebacks are disputed amounts from your customers

To see what is part of a payment to you, go to the Settlements tab and download the report for the desired dates. You will receive an email when the report is ready to download.

The Settlement Download file includes the payment date, amount and purchaser information in a CSV file. You will be able to view more registration details such as registrant name, session and location information in the field labeled "memo":

Alex Smith | Camp: Thanksgiving Break STEM | SanFran Science Complex, San Francisco, CA | Nov 19 - Nov 21, 2018, Ages 5 - 8, M, Tu, W, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM | Registered on


If you want to filter or sort the data, you can split the "memo" column into separate fields using Excel or Google Sheets. Use the function Data > Text to Columns in Excel Windows/Mac (or in Google Sheets, use Data > Split Text to Columns). 



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